IGCSE Science

Regardless of whether a student is studying for the Double Award or the Triple Award, they will have to cover all the three sciences – namely Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The difference between the two is that Triple Award students have to study each subject in more depth, hence it is counted as three separate IGCSEs, while the Double Award is counted as two. 

Through the study of IGCSE science, students would be able to gain insight into the complexity and diversity in natural phenomena, how different fields of sciences are interlinked, and the methods and uses of science. As both Awards cover all three sciences, students would also be able to develop knowledge and conceptual understanding of all three disciplines, and learn to appreciate and apply different types of scientific enquiries to better understand the world around them. As such, both Awards provide a sturdy foundation for students who wish to study science for A-Levels or IB DP. However, the Triple Award may provide a smoother transition, as students may have better prior knowledge. 

Science can be a challenging area for students; it is also worth noting that there are elements requiring mathematical skills. If you find your child struggling, you may wish to consider engaging an IGCSE science tutor to support their learning journey. An experienced science tutor will be able to guide your child through the heavy amount of content and to ace the exams.

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