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If you are looking to work at a happy place and join a team that is passionate about making a difference in our students’ lives, then a position at Aegis Advisors may be right for you. Our team is young, energetic and dynamic, with members from diverse demographic and academic backgrounds. We are a close-knit bunch and the work environment is friendly and collaborative, which makes us a highly effective and powerful team. 

Since 2008, we have worked closely with students to help them reach their educational goals — our academic tutors help students excel at school, our test prep tutors help students achieve their target scores for entrance exams, and our admissions consultants work closely with students to prepare and get them into their top choice universities and boarding schools in the US and UK, as well as international schools in Hong Kong. 

Life at Aegis Advisors

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Day at Aegis

I first joined Aegis as a part-time tutor, and took up the offer to join full-time because I enjoyed tutoring kids a lot and felt that Aegis was a friendly and comfortable working environment to be in. Here at Aegis, I have students across different ages, ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 12. It is a mix that I really enjoy, because I get to use a range of different materials and approaches, which keeps things fresh for me as well. Read more

Being a full-time staff, apart from teaching, I also help out with the business side of things such as marketing and outreach. We get quite a lot of new inquiries as well, and as a team we work together to figure out what is best for the client and revert back with a proposal. Every student and every family is different, and it is quite rewarding when you can figure out an individualised approach that you know will be helpful for them.

Part of the role is to make sure everything runs smoothly, from when the new inquiry comes in till the actual classes. There might be hiccups here and there along the way, so it is important to have attention to detail to make sure I can catch any potential errors before they materialise. At times there might be moments when I am not sure how to handle something, for example when we have special requests or emergencies, but I always feel comfortable asking for help from the team no matter how small and trivial it might seem. We all speak the same language here, and I always feel understood and appreciated. Most importantly, I feel heard here - if I voice out about something that I would like to learn or get involved in, the team always takes that into account and makes an effort to accommodate for that. It is a very supportive environment which I greatly enjoy. Outside of work, we have team lunches and happy hour drinks together as well, and they are always a lot of fun.

Having been with Aegis for a few years, I am glad to say that I have grown a lot personally and professionally. When I first started, I dreaded speaking to clients on the phone, worried that I wouldn’t know what to say or that I would just blurt out something wrong, but I was encouraged to make small steps forward with supervision, and now I am confident handling clients independently. As I progress, I am put in charge of managing different projects of the business as well. I still really enjoy the tutoring part of the role, but the skills that I have learnt outside of the classroom are invaluable.

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The idea of making the move to Hong Kong was initially a daunting experience as I was used to only visiting during my school and university holidays. Not being 100% comfortable with Cantonese added additional stress as I was concerned that I would not be able to fit into the general culture of Hong Kong let alone adapt to the working environment here. Read more

Whilst I was still in the UK, I was pleased to get a prompt response from Aegis after submitting my CV for a full-time position. As the interview process involved meeting different team members as well as a written task, it demonstrated to me how serious the company was in its recruitment and gave me peace of mind that I was going for a more stable role. After meeting with the team, Aegis’ personal and genuine culture really shone through. I felt that it was very much a two-way chat as it gave me the opportunity to get to know what Aegis does, and whether such a role would be suitable for my own personal goals as an individual. I was happy that a decision was made relatively quickly after my interviews. Having peace of mind that a job was secured in Hong Kong so quickly definitely made the moving process a lot easier.

What I noticed first when starting the role was the level of support you get from the rest of the team. The friendly and non-hierarchical culture in the office means that people are always willing to lend a helping hand when they can. We went out for a team lunch (one of the many!) as well as happy hour drinks so that I could properly bond and get to know the rest of the team. During my first week, a session was provided which ran me through the history of Aegis and what direction the company was going to be heading in terms of long and short-term goals. Additionally, more specialised training was provided on the admissions and testing requirements of the different international schools around Hong Kong, providing me with a strong foundation before I began teaching.

Of course, moving to such a vibrant city like Hong Kong would mean that I was looking for a role which gave me the flexibility to explore the city and travel to other nearby countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea etc. I was happy to find out that this role allowed me to do both. As the office is situated just a short walk away from Times Square in Causeway Bay, the stable working hours of 10:30am – 7pm means I can finish work on time and join my friends for a meal in the evening (which more often than not leads to drinks later on in the party districts of Lan Kwai Fong or Wan Chai!). Additionally, the numerous public holidays Hong Kong has, and the low income-tax rate means that I am able to take the opportunity to travel around Asia in my spare time.

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Full Time & Part Time Teaching Positions

Job Title: Full Time & Part Time Teaching Positions

Positions Available: Full Time & Part Time Teaching Positions (multiple roles)

Role Descriptions

  • Work closely with students and families to help them achieve their academic goals on the subject(s) that you are able to teach.
  • Teach students on subject(s) that you are able to teach.
  • Assist in development of curriculum and teaching materials as required.
  • Assist with scheduling and office administration as required.
  • If interested, can gain experience and exposure in other aspects of our business including marketing, operations and business development.
  • Position will be based in Hong Kong.

Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • Enjoy working with primary and/or secondary school students. Must be patient, positive and have a can-do attitude.
  • Responsible, reliable, and have solid character and work ethic.
  • Teaching experience preferred.
  • Fluent in English a must. Fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese a plus, but not required.
  • Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Solid academic record.

Fringe Benefits:

A 5-day working week for full-time positions (Saturday is a full working day; one weekday as leave).
  • Medical insurance.
  • Visa sponsorship, if necessary.

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