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U.S. university admissions are becoming more competitive as the volume of applicants applying to Ivy League universities are rapidly growing, from 168,865 applicants in the Class of 2011 to 271,389 applicants in the Class of 2017, and acceptance rates are declining, from 9.98% to 8.4%.

At Aegis Advisors, our team of admissions consultants, advisors, and mentors have a 13-year track record in providing personalized guidance and assistance to students aiming for Ivy League universities and other top liberal arts colleges. We offer specialized help to students in every facet of the university admissions process, including academic planning, school selection, the Common Application, the UC application, personal statement, university supplements, interview preparation, athletic recruitment applications, and arts portfolio applications.

According to the International Chinese Academy Education Foundation, the University of Oxford admitted 18% of applicants and the University of Cambridge admitted 21% of applicants. U.K. university admissions. Further research shows that 12.7% of Hong Kong-based applicants were admitted to Oxford and 16.1% to Cambridge. At Aegis Advisors, our team of Oxbridge consultants and advisors offer admissions assistance and guidance to students on every part of the university admissions process, including academic planning, entrance exam preparation, UCAS applications, personal statement, course selection, interview preparation, and offer selection.

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