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Our team of specialized tutors offer SAT and ACT test preparation tutoring to ensure your child is well prepared for the admissions tests required for college application success.

Boot Camps - SAT & ACT

Scoring well on the SAT or ACT is essential to getting accepted into top U.S. universities. Our intensive bootcamps were developed by our team of experienced Ivy League tutors and cover key topics and vital test taking strategies to help your child achieve competitive scores.

Our boot camps are structured around teaching crucial test knowledge as well as specialized drill sessions. Small group size ensures that each student receives the attention they need and that exercises can be tailored to address each of their unique weaknesses.

Suitable age: 15+

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The SAT is one of the two standardized tests used by most U.S. universities to make admissions decision. The SAT is split into reading and writing, and math sections. There is an optional essay section as well. By taking the SAT, your child will have a better understanding of how his or her application will rank among other students in the admissions process. Understanding and knowing how your application compares to other applicants will give your child an advantage in the admissions process, especially when applying to Ivy Leagues.

SAT Subject Tests

The SAT Subject Tests give your child the chance to showcase his or her knowledge and achievements in specific subjects. Depending on which schools your child is applying to, SAT Subject Tests can be either mandatory or optional. SAT Subject Tests measure how well your child understands a particular subject and your child’s ability to apply that knowledge. Colleges use SAT Subject Test scores, along with SAT scores, grades, letters of recommendation, essays, etc., to make admission decisions.

  • SAT Mathematics: SAT Math I, SAT Math II
  • SAT Science: SAT Biology Ecological, SAT Biology Molecular, SAT Chemistry, SAT Physics
  • SAT English Literature
  • SAT History: SAT U.S. History, SAT World History
  • SAT Languages: SAT Chinese with Listening, SAT Latin, SAT Spanish, SAT French, etc.


The ACT is one of the two standardized exams used for the U.S. university admissions process. Similar to the SAT, the ACT is meant to measure each student’s academic level and their readiness for college. The ACT is split into english, reading, math, and science sections. There is also an ACT Plus Writing Test, which is an essay test that assesses your child’s writing abilities. If your child decides to take the ACT over the SAT, the ACT Plus Writing Test is required by some colleges and optional for others.

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